Obtain professional qualification to work as a reflexologist

Become a qualified ASCA recognised reflexologist

Practical classes are held in small groups for more interaction and one-on-one coaching.

Course duration is 1 year:

  • Two alternating weekends per month (Anatomy, Physiology)

  • Weekly half-day for Pathology (9 months)

  • Work on case studies & revision for final exam (3 months)

Syllabus for the accredited course include:

  • History & Principles of Reflexology

  • What is Reflexology & What are the benfits?

  • Detailed practical demonstrations & techniques

  • How to provide detailed consultations

  • Observation & basic counselling

  • Caring & professional ethics

  • Health & hygiene

  • Obtaining medical knowledge in Pathology

  • Human anatomy & physiology

  • Clinical emergencies & first aid

  • Treatment indications & Contra-indications of reflexology

  • 60 case studies (ie. Hospitals, hospice, clinics, elderly homes)


The final theory examinations will be evaluated and marked by the instructor on the following subjects: anatomy, professional knowledge and learning techniques. Students who pass will receive professional qualification in reflexology to become self-employed or work for institutions. Courses are taught in English.

For further information,

please contact Mary on 079 352 66 09